Alderson and Associates have dealt with many arbitration and real estate disputes over the years.

With the recent downward trend in the UAE real estate, once again investors are experiencing difficulties with a property they have purchased and believed will be ready for occupation on a set date.

Alderson and Associates have dealt with many arbitration and real estate disputes over the years. Carol Alderson is on the recommended list of arbitrators for the Dubai International Arbitration Centre.

We have been successful in many arbitration cases for real estate disputes. If you have a problem, please contact us for an initial free consultation whereupon we will guide you through the problems surrounding your property and documentation to enable you to decide whether or not to proceed with such an action.
Many contracts drawn up in all parts of the world can include an Arbitration Clause. This means that instead of using Courts to resolve a dispute between those Parties contracting with each other, an arbitration process is used. This is a much less formal type of proceeding and often, instead of attending Court hearings and giving evidence to judges, pleadings can be submitted to the Arbitrator in writing and a decision then made on those written submissions. Of course, this is not always the case and hearings can also be effective with evidence given orally to the Arbitrator in more complicated cases.


Dubai International Arbitration Centre, is just that, an International Arbitration Centre. Notwithstanding, Lawyers from around the globe can represent clients in DIAC and Arbitrators are similarly appointed to arbitrate cases from outside the UAE. Carol Alderson is on the recommended list of Arbitrators but Alderson and Associates, as a Legal Practice in the UAE, have dealt with many cases, representing clients in their contractual disputes. Carol is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the UK and with her many years of experience in litigation in the UK Courts as well as with Advocates who work in the UAE Courts, we have had many successes over the years.

With the recent downward trend in the real estate market within the UAE and globally, property disputes between Purchasers and Developers are starting to gain impetus once more.  If you have invested in a property which is unlikely to be completed on a set date, you need to carefully look at the terms and conditions of your Sale and Purchase Agreement to establish whether or not you can establish a case against the Developer.

Arbitration cases are not always in respect of real estate issues between Purchasers and Developers. There are many contracts that we enter into on a day to day basis, such as purchasing goods, construction contracts for the construction of buildings etc, boundaries, employment contracts where disputes arise between the Parties.

Carol Alderson has many years of experience with construction disputes and contractual issues. Her team of construction experts have dealt with many arbitration cases over the years which have been successfully concluded settlements for our clients.

If you have a dispute with the contract that you have entered into, and which has an arbitration clause therein, you may contact Alderson and Associates and request for a free one-hour legal consultation wherein we will give you the best and appropriate legal advice as to your chances of success. Call us to arrange your free legal clinic consultation.


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