A frequent question asked of us is whether or not a Divorce can be obtained in England and Wales if one does not live there. You may be surprised to know that it is perfectly possible to obtain a Divorce in the English Courts just as easily and cheaply as if you lived there.

Whilst our particular expertise are family issues between UAE and the UK, we have often facilitated Divorce as well as Financial and Children related issues in other Jurisdictions such as Europe (France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain etc), Australia, New Zealand, United States of America (various states) and Canada.

Our Managing Partner soon realised on her arrival in the UAE some 25 years ago, that there was no-one available to give expert advice on personal issues such as Divorce, Child Abduction, Custody or Inheritance. In the UK there is a family lawyer on virtually every street corner and it is easy to find a practitioner in the telephone directories. Free legal advice is usually available from the Legal Services Commission.

In the United Arab Emirates if your marriage or relationship breaks down, or you have problems over where the children should live in such situations, there was nobody available. Carol set up her family department with a UAE practice of Local Licensed Advocates but soon discovered that her expertise was not reaching those in need globally, hence the setting up of this Online service. We still maintain good working relations with a number of experience Local Advocates within the UAE as well as experienced Family Barristers in the UK.

Wherever you may be in the World, if your partner is present in the UAE we can help with your family problems. If you are present in the UAE but your partner lives elsewhere, we can help. If either you or your partner are British citizens and need family help in the UK Courts, we can help. We also have clients in other Middle Eastern Countries such as Qatar , Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. With the advent of Skype, email and cheap flights, it is always possible to have direct contact on a regular basis.

If you are resident in the UAE or Middle East, generally, or the UK and your partner has moved or remains in another Jurisdiction, or vice versa, we can help with all of your divorce, financial and children needs.

We have undertaken many cases of Child Abductions, relocations as well as general custody and visitation over the years and have been hugely successful in this regard. Fathers often feel they have no say in such matters but that is not our experience and we know how UK Judges, in particular, consider such matters so that our preparation for such disputes are tuned into the minds of the Judges and the Law.

Many people suffer for months, even years, in terrible situations, where money is tight and all under the control of one person, where children had been taken without the consent of the other parent with no recourse to legal advice. We can help in resolving these problems.

We work closely with Experts and Barristers in the UK and have built up a good working relationship with several Courts. As an expatriate, therefore, you do not need to have a long-distance relationship with your Legal Advisor.

We are the only Online Service with such a wealth of International experience in this field.

You may also wish to avail yourself of our Will preparation Service. Remember that Divorce ends all rights and obligations between Parties, including, in most cases, those of Inheritance. A Financial settlement will often absolve you of all future obligations to your ex-spouse.


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Are UK and UAE based Legal Consultants. Our team of Lawyers have combined experience of over 20 years in the United Arab Emirates and in excess of 30 years in the United Kingdom. We are family specialists in all areas of divorce, financial disputes, children issues and child abduction. We are fully versed as to practice and procedures in the UK and UAE Courts.


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