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Many of the problems caused by separation are similar wheresoever you reside but there can be added complications if you are an expatriate. Jurisdiction for your Divorce must be considered initially but if you are a British Citizen, it is most likely that you will be entitled to a divorce in the UK Courts. We will be able to initially advise you of the appropriate Jurisdiction, given your personal circumstances. Religion will often not be a deciding factor when considering the UK Courts.

The actual Divorce process within the Courts of England and Wales is capable of being handled remotely and it is unlikely you will be required to attend Court. Documents can be couriered to you for signature and we will securely deliver same to the Court and keep you updated on progress, throughout. Our Fees for helping you with this process (providing the suit is uncontested and there are no unforeseen complications such as lack of service of documents on the other party) will be in the region of GBP 2,000 inclusive of Court Fees. No VAT is charged if you reside abroad.

We are also able to provide a full mediation process to those clients requesting same. Our experienced Mediator will answer any queries that you have. All you need to do is contact her from our Contact Us Page and she will respond immediately.

A dispute over the family finances can often prove lengthy and expensive and create untold disharmony between the parties. It is important to remember that , in the majority of marriages, both parties have contributed. The future needs of the parties, but most importantly the children, must be taken into account. The English Courts are often willing to make Orders that have been agreed and settled by the parties, providing they are not prejudicial to one party.

We always follow the principle of 'fair and reasonable' ( subject only to a clients’ specific instructions) when considering what a client should be entitled to from the joint assets and income. Over 25 years of practice as a family lawyer in both the UK and the UAE, this cannot be underestimated.

We have assisted many men and women in achieving settlements that accord with these principles and the criteria set out in the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1967 (as amended) in the UK. Of course it is fair to say that not all cases can be settled amicably but the clients' interests must always be served.

Jurisdiction is a difficult issue and it is important to establish from the outset, which is appropriate and correct as lengthy delays can occur if procedures are commenced wrongly or become disputed for any reason.

Children will often suffer in the breakdown of any relationship and it is essential to protect them throughout this process. Parents should always ensure that the issues between themselves do not flow over into the lives of the children and heated exchanges should always be kept away from them. The interests of the Children are paramount and it is crutial to ensure the security and protection of children, wheresoever they are residing, to allow them meaningful access to both parents.

A good marriage will sustain through trust and compromise. The same can be said of Divorce and each spouse should try to compromise with the other to avoid a lengthy, costly and unhappy period. Always consider the feelings, needs and rights of the other party and most importantly, your children.

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