It is surprising to think that many people do not consider a Will to be necessary, despite owning numerous assets. The old adage ‘If I die, it will all go to my husband / wife anyway’, is not necessarily the case.

Even in your home country you may be surprised to know that different countries have differing Inheritance laws which may not permit your spouse, or even your children, in some instances, to inherit all that you own.

In the UAE, life becomes even more complicated in the event of not having a Will drawn up to deal with the distribution of your assets as Shariaa Law may well prevail. Shariaa essentially distributes assets to the men of the family predominantly with women taking a very poor second place. It is considered that the men of the family should take care of women but would you want to end up having to ask your son for maintenance, for example, even a husband, whose wife has died, does not inherit fully from his wife.

Muslims do not necessarily need to have a Will prepared as Shariaa law will apply, in any event but it is little known that Muslims can draw up a Will for up to one third of their assets and bequeath those assets to whomsoever they please.

You may also think that you do not own very much but if you list your assets On paper, you may be surprised to see exactly how much you do possess. Cars, furniture, jewellery, gratuities from employment, money in bank accounts are all assets that will need to be distributed upon your death.

It is not appropriate to keep changing a Will but significant changes in your life Will require amendment and Divorce is one of those occasions when you may have to re-arrange your Will to ensure that the right people inherit from you. A final decree of Divorce will effectively mean that your ex wife/husband is no Longer entitled to anything from your Estate and, of course, if you have reached An agreement over the division of those assets, in any event, you would not want your ex to inherit from your share.

We prepare Wills that will regulate your wishes upon death and that will protect you both in your home Country and in the United Arab Emirates.

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